Dutch Landscape Paintings

Tone, contrast and perspective are the main ingredients of this painting.

De Petrus van Marktveld

Flight through the ages.

Flying Home

Mares and foals enjoying an early summer heatwave.

Mares and foals in Brabant landscape

All proceeds from this sailing competition went to Ukrainian refugees.

huizer visfestijn 2022

Walking my dogs in the snow along the banks of the Essche Stroom.

Snow on the Essche Stroom

The zegenwerp estate typifies the Brabant landscape


A view of the river Dommel at Halder

Fishing at Halder


De Dommel bij Halder

Merries en Veulens

Spotlight on Elegance

Leaving Terschelling

Een Heerlijke Ochtend

A Touch of Autumn in the air

Avondlicht aan het Bossche Broek

Trawler TX33 Hauling in the nets

De Slufter

Boarding the Ferry to Vlieland

Heavy Traffic on the Waal at Zaltbommel

Wielrenners ( Racing Cyclists)

Frosty Morning on the Essche Stroom

Fietsen langs de Gagellaan

The Dommel