Animals and Figures

Although I concentrate my art on the subjects of Devon Landscapes, Underwater and Dutch landscapes, on my travels other subjects inspire me to paint and I have gathered them together in this gallery.

Heading home from the beach after a lively horse ride.

Sunset Riders

Erin takes Bessie over the jumps.

Erin and Bessie

Alicia riding her Spanish horse Cantor.

Alicia and Cantor

The fascination of an animal for the dedicated concentration of a young girl.

Drawn together

White rhinos in the African veldt will soon be a thing of the past.

Northern White Rhinos

Launching the horse-drawn lifeboat Abraham Fock

Launching the Abraham Fock

Herd of bison at upper geyser basin with Old Faithful.

Bison in Yellowstone Park

Wild horses galloping across grass fields in the Shoeshone river valley

Wild horses

Grizzly bear with cubs in the Lamar valley

Grizzly bear and cubs.

Kudus of Namibia


The lonely existence of old bull elephants

Bull elephants in Namibia

Mending nets on the beach in Bonaire

Fishermen mending their nets

Exploring the Grand Canyon on a mule.

Mule Train on the Kaibab Trail

Sainte Lucie de Tallano

Mother’s Day

Bull Riding at the Cody Stampede

On Silent Wings

Whale Watching in La Palma

The Accordionists