Underwater Paintings

A collection of underwater paintings in oils and acrylics of fishes, mammals, crustaceans and other sea creatures that inhabit the coral reefs, tropical seas and open oceans of the planet. This subaquatic world lends itself to both realistic and abstract painting composition. Painting underwater subjects provides a unique freedom in expression of form and colour.

Diving the wall in Bunaken National Marine Park

Diving on the wall

Returning from diving in the carribean.

Returning from diving in the carribean

Tiger Shark

Underwater painting of a red spotted sea bass cruising a coral reef by Gerry Miles

Red Spotted Sea Bass on a Stone Coral Reef

Underwater painting of Tarpon at Chubb Hole by Gerry Miles

Tarpon at Chubb Hole

River Otters

Underwater painting of spadefish Spade fishes above a shipwreck by Gerry Miles

Spade fishes hovering over a sunken wreck

Underwater painting of Gannets diving on a bait ball by Gerry Miles

Gannets Diving on Baitball

Green Turtle and Staghorn Coral

Raccoon Butterflyfish with sergeant majors.

Giant Pacific Red Octopus

Safety Stop with Napoleon Fish


Harbour seals on an ice flow

Leafy Sea Dragon

Dolphins gamboling in the surf

Racoon Butterfly Fishes & Soft Coral

Song of the Humpback Whale

Whale Shark

The Bait Ball



French Angel Fishes

Under Thin Ice

Juvenile Spotted Drum


Dusky Grouper

Sailfin Tangs

Running the Gauntlet

The Grouper & the Staghorn

Under the Ice

Green Turtles


Long Nosed Butterfly Fishes

Spotted Sweetlips

Atlantic Spotted Dolphins

Copper Banded Butterfly Fishes

Cruising the Kelp Forest

Galapagos Fur Seals

Grey Seals of the Scilly Islands

Lion Fish

Picasso Trigger Fish

Semicircle Angel Fishes

Striped Marlin

Yellow Crowned Butterfly Fish